Cameo Salon
Cameo Salon
The Cameo Nail Bar

All well as gel manicures, women can enjoy a luxurious manicure and benefit from hands that look groomed and well cared-for. Regular manicures can improve the condition and appearance of both hands and nails. Our nails are delicate and thse manicures ensure that your nails not only look good, but feel healthy, stronger, nourished and revived.

  • Basic Manicure - cuiticles tidied, nail filed to shape and buffed. Clear polish applied, cuticle oil and apple and cucumber hand cream to finish
  • Luxury Manicure - All That Jazz step-by-step treatment, with apple- and cucumber-scented moisture-rich products
  • Gel 'Gelish' Manicure - full manicure and Gelish applied of your chosen colour, for your nails to become your new accessory
  • Gelish Removal - removal of your Gelish, using a gentle method to ensure the condition of your nails is not harmed
  • Takara Belmont Spa Mist II

    The Takara Belmont Spa Mist II can perform multiple hair and scalp treatments in our relaxed and friendly atmosphere and can be used for colour or perm treatments. It is reassuringly comfortable and relaxing and only use purified water to generate all the promised goodness and relaxation.

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    Please note that due to COVID-19 we are not offering nail treatments

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